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What to Eat in Savannah

Yes, you’re in the South. And yes, you’ll find some fried food here, but if that’s all you’re expecting, then you’ve got Savannah all wrong. Thanks to its coastal location, Savannah offers a little bit of everything, and it’s quickly becoming a formidable culinary rival to Atlanta.
If southern comfort food is what you’re after, there are many options. Many of the restaurants in Historic Savannah are attractions in their self – housed within mansions built in the late 1700s. Most dining establishments have a unique history, where eating feels like taking a step back in time. Other offerings include speakeasy-like cellars beneath restaurants or shops that offer drinks and small plates to enjoy while listening to some tunes by a local pianist or jazz musician.

Though Savannah has its fair share of deep-rooted eateries that act as the foundation of the area’s dining scene, the city also manages to host a collection of more contemporary spots that receive just as much acclaim from visitors and critics alike. These range from casual cafes to Savannah-style barbecue along with contemporary takes on Southern cuisine and farm-to-table menus.

Savannah is home to a rollicking nightlife scene (in part because of its lack of open container laws), so plan to go for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail to sample some of the city’s more unique venues. There are a host of microbreweries and a liquor distillery in the offering.

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